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Simms Tabackā€™s Big Book of Words
Publishers Weekly
Divided into categories of "Playthings," "Clothing," "Food" and "Animals," Simms Taback's Big Book of Words offers a straightforward collection of kid-friendly vocab and accompanying illustrations, one per page. A standout spread pairs "kitty's milk" (in a bowl) with "baby's milk" (in a bottle).
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Basic Objects In A Childā€™s World
Playthings, clothing, food, and animals -- are featured in this generiously-sized, bright, colorful book. The one-word-per-page format is perfect for keeping baby's attention and teaching them to start identifying words with images. Taback's illustrations are sure to delight young childrenā€”from baby, to toddler, to preschoolerā€”and adults.
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Kirkus Reviews
Caldecott Medal-winner Taback wields a strong black line and vibrating color on each of these pages, where an object sits on a plain white background. The four sections-playthings, clothing, food, and animals-appeal to the deepest interests of the toddler set. Each page has but one word (or, very occasionally, a phrase like "pail and shovel" or "peanut butter and jelly") and its image.
There's no forgetting that Taback is an artist. Probably no real teddy bear ever wore such a bow tie with his striped pants and backwards baseball cap, and no real child ever wore a shirt of such delirious black and orange plaid. But no matter, the eye-popping colors only serve to identify the object-hot-pink pockets on the turquoise jeans, yellow, green, and red keys on a blue chain, a positively psychedelic red tomato. The only misstep is the telephone, a black number with a dial and a cord that children may not recognize at all.
Child Magazine
Every baby needs a good word-building book, and this one, illustrated by Caldecott medalist Taback, raises the bar for all the rest. In its 92 pages, the book identifies an abundance of everyday objects, from cereal to snowsuits. Appealing, simple shapes and bright colors ensure sustained attention.
Child magazine's Best Children's Book Awards 2004
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