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Can You Smile?

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Childrens Literature
With this board book, you get something extra—a finger puppet, which in this case appears to be a brown bear who peers over the top edge of the pages. The bear engages the animals in conversation. For example, the bear asks the hippo if it can laugh and after a negative reply, the bear is asked "Can you?" The same pattern, but not the same question, is posed to a cat, pig, and a dog. That is it—not really any story or climax, just a series of questions and responses using the finger puppet, which will help kids learn the names and a little about each of the animals.
Reviewed by Marilyn Courtot
How Do You Smile?
In Can You Smile?, Simms Taback's animals explore the many ways that humans express happiness. Parents and children bring the puppet bear to life as they laugh, sing, throw kisses, shout, and . . . smile! Children are sure to be delighted as they learn about animals, sounds, and facial expressions in this interactive puppet book.
— from the Publisher
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