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Do You Have a Tail?

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Childrens Literature
With this board book, you get something extra--a finger puppet, which in this case is a white mouse who peers over the top edge of the pages. The mouse engages the animals in conversation. For example, the mouse asks the zebra if it has a nose and after an affirmative reply, the mouse is asked "Do you?" The same pattern is followed when asking a goat if it has eyes, or the monkey if it has ears, and if the moose has a mouth, and if the seal has whiskers. That is it--not really any story or climax, just a series of questions and responses using the finger puppet, which will help kids learn body parts as they relate to the animals. Hopefully the kids will make the connection to their own bodies and also learn a little about each of the animals.
Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot
Do You Have a Tail?
Do you have eyes? Do you have ears? Do you have a nose? Do you have a tail? Simms Taback's cheerful and energetic animals compare their similarities and differences. A mouse finger puppet attached to the book encourages playful, interactive reading. The puppet "talks" to the animal in the book and to the child who is listening . . . making this book uniquely interactive. Young readers will hardly be able to wait for their turn to use the puppet and participate.
—from the Publisher
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