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Peek-a-Boo Who?
Childrens Literature
Flaps that are almost the size of the page are lifted to answer the question "Peek-A-Boo Who? The answer is a full page picture of the animal plus its name. Sharp-eyed kids will notice that the cut out on the flap is a clue as to what lies underneath. The animals include a pig, cat, rabbit, elephant, fish, duck, turtle, and cow. The animals are all reprised in black silhouettes on the front and back inside covers. The colored pages also offer an opportunity to learn colors. The pages of this board book have foam inserts, which makes the book lightweight but still quite sturdy. While the text is quite repetitious, young kids probably won't mind, though the reader might go a little crazy after a few passes.

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Child Magazine
On each vibrant foam-core page of this irresistible lift-the-flap book is a small cutout of an animal and the question "Peek-a-boo who?" Kids can guess the creature from the shape, then lift the flap to see it in full. Whimsical illustrations-a pink-lipped freckle-faced fish with a startled expression, for example-add an extra dash of fun to this universally adored game.
Peek-a-boo, I See You!
A parrot! A rabbit! A frog! A bear! Simms’ bright, bold animals and simple, repetitive text make this the perfect board book for every young child who loves to play peek-a-boo.
—from the Publisher
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