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Peanuts, Pets and Piffles by Gene Shalit
After 33 years, Simms Taback has illustrated a children's book, and if he isn't asked to apply his stylish pen to another one soon, the children's book publishers ought to be thrown to the bunny rabbits.
Mr. Taback's pleasantly absurd drawings (children costumed as adults) appear in Please Share That Peanut!, a bit of fluff by Sesyle Joslin, who is out to deliver a (watch out) message. She is short on plot, but long on title: Please Share That Peanut! A Preposterous Pageant in Fourteen Acts concerned with the Exquisite joys and Extraordinary Adventures of Young Ladies and Gentlemen Engaged in the Pleasurable Practice of SHARING.
That sounds pretentious, but Miss Joslin has tongue in her cheek—and she has plenty of cheek, so the book provides a few cheerful minutes for children over nine.

Please Share That Peanut! A Preposterous Pageant in 14 Acts Concerned with the Exquisite Joys and Extraordinary Adventures of Young Ladies and Gentlemen Engaged in the Pleasurable Practice of Sharing.

— from the Publisher

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Miss Joslin's message is that children should share (fat chance), and she presents 14 little (and she hopes persuasive) stories, each illustrated with Mr. Taback's spoofing pen-and-ink drawings.

In each story, two children in masquerade quarrel over the possession of a dinosaur egg, a golden goblet or a peanut (to cite three), and wind up happily agreeing to share a necklace, a gown, a polar bear or a tree (to cite four).

Most children over nine won't read this twice (not a good sign), but very young children may want to have it read aloud to them again and again. If you have more than one little child, you'll need more than one copy of Please Share That Peanut! That persuasive it isn't..

Reviewed by Gene Shalit for Herald Tribune’s Book Week, Oct. 1965