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Postcards from Camp
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What if you thought your counselor was an alien?

What if your bunkmates played tricks on you? Were they really mean or just trying to be friends with you?

What if it rained almost every day?

What if you were sure there were scary creatures in the lake while you took the swim test?

What if you were miserable enough to quit camp and come home? Or so you thought.

Learn about camp life as Michael experiences it through cards and letters he writes home.

You might be surprised how it all turns out.

What is it like to go to sleepaway camp for the first time?
Simms’ newest book coming June 2011!
The hilarious correspondence between a reluctant first-time camper and his dad

This fabulously creative book by Caldecott Award winner Simms Taback features handmade postcards and funny letters that readers will enjoy pulling out of their envelopes. Michael is new to sleepaway camp, and it's not going so well. He thinks his counselor is an alien, his bunkmates are pranksters, and it's constantly raining. So he sends his dad a series of urgent notes pleading for rescue. His dad is quick to reply, but encourages Michael to stick it out, reminding him that he met some of his best buddies at camp. Eventually there is a subtle change in Michael's tone - and a mention of a friend or two. Before you know it, Michael's a happy camper who's planning a longer stay next time.

Fans of Griffin & Sabine and The Jolly Postman will delight in the artistry of this book; the incredibly detailed cards and envelopes and amazing stamps. And they will enjoy taking part in a correspondence that reveals a deep affection between father and child, as Michael's exaggerated pleas are answered by his father's gentle jokes and advice. Here is a book that families and friends will enjoy together - and there's even a classic campfire ghost story tucked into one of those envelopes!

— from the publisher