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The biggest, funniest riddle book ever!
Q: When is a riddle book irresistible?
A: When it's illustrated by Simms Taback.
This great big bumper book of riddles about bugs and snakes and space will keep readers laughing (or groaning) right to the end. Example:
Q: What do bugs have that no other animal has?
A: Baby buggies.
With Caldecott winner Simms Taback's large fullcolor pictures on every page, this collection has a riddle for every taste.
Q: When do you have too many riddles?
A: Never!
‚ÄĒ from the Publisher
Spacey Snakey Buggy Riddles


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Kirkus Reviews
As the mouthful of a title indicates, the only subjects covered are supposed to be about space, snakes or bugs, though the riddles sometimes stretch these boundaries.
The jacket copy says the riddles "will make readers laugh-or groan," but unfortunately such riddles as "Why is a cloud like Santa Claus? / Because it holds the rain, dear!" don't do much of either, and aren't particularly spacey, snakey or buggy, to boot.
Luckily Taback's vibrant, colorful illustrations combine the right amount of smart and silly. The insects are wonderfully buggy, with hairy legs aplenty, and the sneaky snakes all have perfect poker faces. This visual wit saves the somewhat random, ho-hum collection.
There are some highlights, however, such as, "What do little rattlesnakes like best in school? / Hisssss-tory!" or, "What did the mosquito say when she got a stomachache? / It must have been someone I ate!"
Maybe die-hard riddle fans will eat it up, and it's fun for the eye, but otherwise not one to run to.
Copyright 2008 Kirkus Reviews
Taback brings his vibrant trademark exuberance to this picture-book riddle collection, which fairly hums with fun. Rainbow-bright colors pop off black backgrounds, making the riddles bigger than life.
As the title suggests, space, snakes, and bugs dominate the subject matter (though Santa Claus and the occasional dog make an appearance). Every riddle enjoys a page to itself, affording Taback room to build visual clues into the pictures.
When¬†readers are¬†asked ‚ÄúWhat kind of jacket would you wear on the sun?‚Ä̬†they‚Äôll see a young boy dressed in an oversize, blue sport coat, which may lead them to¬†‚ÄúA blazer,‚ÄĚ even before¬†they read the word for themselves.
Put together with such visual assistance, the collection will reach a younger audience than some riddle books; but however satisfying the deciphering, the real joy in riddles comes from the torture that is sure to be inflicted on others; kids will subject everyone around them to the words and pictures, reveling in their knowledge of the joke.
Copyright 2008 Booklist. Review by Thom Barthelmess
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