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Where Is My Baby?

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Publishers Weekly
Simms and Harriet Ziefert teamed up for a pair of lift-the-flap board books. Where Is My Baby? features mamas' search for their little ones, naming them as they go ("Here is my calf," says the cow). In Who Said Moo?, Red Rooster wants to know who answered his morning call ("Someone said moo. Was it you?") and discovers a wide array of animal sounds.
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Help animal mothers find their babies!

This deceptively simple, excitingly illustrated board book is based on a telling theme - that baby animals are known by names quite different from their parents (cow and calf, goat and kid). The text is perfectly targeted to the youngest children, who will thoroughly enjoy lifting the flaps and matching the baby animals to their mothers. The sumptuously colorful illustrations are sure to catch the rapt attention of the smallest child.

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