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Zoo Parade!
Publishers Weekly
Harriet Ziefert and Simms team up for two oversize board books designed to encourage toddlers to join in with animal noises and movements. "Can you baa like a sheep?/ Sing like a bird?/ Whinny like a horse ahead of the herd?" asks Noisy Barn! While Zoo Parade! invites youngsters to get on their feet: "Can you prance like a lion?/ Dance like a gazelle?/ Run like a baboon with a high-pitched yell?" Taback's signature black line and bright, bold colors add to the energy of the text.
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How many different ways of walking can you name?

Join a parade of animals on their way to the zoo to find out! Can you prance like a lion? Dance like a gazelle? Can you saunter like a giraffe? Kangaroo jump? March like a camel with a bumpity hump? Simms’ big, bright, and bold illustrations make following these wild and wonderful creatures more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

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